This a design stumble about Iceland, a place I have been (three times!) and the revisiting of  it through a video documentary about the project I participated in called  “Joe Boxer Goes to Iceland.”  The video was shared with me recently and it’s a true stumble because I had quite forgotten about the magnificence of Iceland and the magnitude of the project. We took over a small country for krissakes!    I guess I never really  forgot how amazing Iceland is but this did all take place about 15 years ago and let’s face it, much has happened since, not the least of which is the massive economic upheaval the country has undergone.  Perhaps the foolishness was in full swing when were there but who could have predicted?   What we experienced was a country that was completely open to our wacky spectacle, people who were funny, gorgeous, uber-intelligent, willing to do anything, and a landscape that was jaw-dropingly awe-inspiring. Yes, cash flowed.  Lots of it.  Both ways, because the whole three-day event we staged  was extravagant, but it seemed like there was no holding anyone back.  Design, art, ideas, fashion, food, history, culture – everything just flowed.  Like lava.

Here’s the link to the video  “Joe Boxer Goes to Iceland” on YouTube or use this url:    (Note: the video is lengthy – about 20 minutes but worth it! )

ALSO….The photo below is a stumble from an interesting post by Rei that was on the Daily Kos today.   FYI – Krap means slushy in Icelandic!   This is great reading about the hot water system of Reykjavík – which is a true design feat and the impetus for my Design Stumble post.   Click on the photo or use the following url:


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