Fiber Art Inspiration

Inspiration from Fiber Artists

I’ve been felting for some years now but in many ways still consider myself a beginner.  There are so many techniques and interesting ways to work with wool that I spend a lot of my time exploring new avenues for creativity.  Translate that to mean that I have a lot of projects that are “in progress.”  What can I say?  I love the process of creative exploration and feel it’s all part of my journey!  I’m happy to introduce you to three fiber artists that I have been studying lately for sheer inspiration.  Each of these artists work wool in a different way – and the result of their explorations are beautiful, amazing and unique!  Enjoy this tour and I hope to see you soon at one of my felting classes at Nic & Fig’s in Lake Oswego.    
Stephanie Metz is a fiber artist in California who makes truly stunning sculpture using just a simple needle felting tool.  She carves extraordinary shapes with wool – most notably seen in her series of teddy bear skeletons.  These pieces are eerie and startling, and perfect specimens representing the natural world made from the most unlikely of material.  

Stephanie Merz

Stephanie Metz 

Shelia Hicks  is a legend in the fiber arts world.  A native of Nebraska who divides her time between studios in New York and Paris,  Shelia has been working for decades making large scale fiber installations and exhibits her works in major art institutions and galleries around the world.  Truly a pioneer for her extraordinary techniques and reimagining of the medium, Shelia Hicks brings color,  shape, and a playful sensibility to this art form in a completely original way… unlike no other!  

Shelia Hicks

Shelia Hicks

Biek Verstappen is a fiber artist working in the Netherlands.  Her gorgeous, one-of-a-kind body blankets are the epitome of wearable art.  These are hand-made by the designer from a variety of natural fibers such as raw silk, bamboo, goat, camel, yak and wool from several breeds of sheep.  Every piece has a unique sculptural texture that is amplified in the dying process as each fiber variety reacts differently to the dyes she uses.  


Biek Verstappen 


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