The California Table

I stumbled on this table – something I designed and made in my early years at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco – quite by accident in my barn the other day.  I literally forgot that it was there!   For eight years I thought the big lump in the back of the barn wrapped in a blue tarp was snow tires.  What a surprise.  I lost track of the California Table.  It’s been many places; in all the crazy apartments I lived in in San Francisco. It was at Bill and Lynne Clark’s house in San Anselmo for many years.  Then it went down to Halberstadt Fencers’ Club where the fencers would throw their empty beer cans and gear all over it.  Then I guess we dragged it up to Washington State when we moved.  But I totally forgot about that.  So, here it is.  in my barn.  An art relic.  A real original.  A true stumble.  It’s for sale now by the way.  Please inquire.  Earthquakes not included…..

(side note:  the table was originally made from an assignment in a jewelry class.  I liked it so much I just went for it and made the real deal)




Bill Piper’s Throw

Stumbled on Bill Piper’s demonstration throw at the Walla Walla Community College on 4/17.  Quite literally.  I was on my way to buy potatoes and I spotted my friend Mary Ann Duffy’s car in front of the ceramic studio.  What the heck!  I dropped in and was welcomed to stay and listen to a master teacher talk about centering clay.  Footnote:  I did end up getting the potatoes – eventually!   We had roast chicken too.

Baseball Diamonds in the Sky

Stumbled on layers of diamond shapes at the baseball diamond 4/13/12 in Walla Walla.



Grateful Dead

Stumbled on this grate at foot of a tree along Valencia Street in San Francisco 4/6/12



Toilet Lid

Stumbled on workers doing routine maintenance on one of the public toilets in San Francisco 4/6/12. Design of these toilets are ingenious.   I asked them to put the lid down when they were done.




Stumbled on the Vaillancourt Fountain at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco 4/6/12.

This was the first time I had seen water actually running in the fountain in many years.   Even the presence of flowing water does not wash away the blight.


School Food

Stumbled on this tray of healthy food choices at Pioneer Middle School in Walla Walla October 2011.    Largely untouched.



This Was Once The Future

Stumbled on this elevator inside Hyatt San Francisco 4/6/12.


Boys Looking

Stumbled on two boys checking out street vendor’s pins / San Francisco 4/6/12.  Searching for something cool.


Coit Tower Murals

Stumbled on these murals at Coit Tower in San Francisco 4/6/12

This was an intentional stumble…I wanted to show R & F these murals.  One of my most favorite things to see in SF.